ATS-LDT1020 BULLSEYE Leak Detector™ LTD Kit (for smoke machines)


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I don’t have any instructions for using the Bullseye LTD (actually it’s LDT1020) on a specific smoke machine. 


The Bullseye LTD kit will convert most modern smoke machines to CO2 leak detection. The smoke machine must use shop air, the older units that have a built in pump will not work. Our LTD kit does not include the low pressure regulator because the smoke machine has that built in. When looking at the Quick Start Guides on our website, click “Training” then “Bullseye” and scroll down to the guides, just substitute the smoke machine for the Low Pressure Regulator. Do not use the smoke oil when using the CO2.


The Bullseye LTD can be used with a LDT1350, AC charge hose, as a stand alone tool when testing air conditioners. The AC leak test uses full pressure so there is no need for a low pressure regulator or smoke machine.


The CO2 Detector (sniffer) works as a stand alone tool for checking for exhaust gas in the cooling system, head gasket leaks etc..


The LDT 1020 uses an Industrial Interchange coupler (the most common) and should fit most smokers.


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