Pico Rotation Rulers

Pico’s automotive software has a feature that lets you take measurements (degrees, percent or a custom unit) across the screen, Pico calls it Rotation rulers.

More information about Pico Rotation Rulers:

Pico Help file: Open PicoScope software and search the help file index for "Rotation rulers".

Pico Scope School Part 3 - Tips and tricks: Scroll down to section titled “Rotation Rulers”. https://www.picoauto.com/library/training/scope-school-part-3-tips-and-tricks

iATN Technical Tips Forum on 3/24/2016: http://www.iatn.net/forums/13/57546/tdc-overlay

ScannerDanner video: https://youtu.be/dpQrIhy2zQc?t=23m (this should start at 23:00) 
- At timestamp 23:00, he drags the green dots “rulers” onto the screen to show 0 to 720 degrees. 
- He then divides the rulers into 4 partitions, one for each cylinder (see below).
- Although his version of the software in this video does not show the values for each partition, the current software does, as shown below. Click the button to customize the rulers. (see below).

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