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If a customer backs up his MaxiSys files to a PC, can he reinstall them later back to the tablet if the tablet loses the files?



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Thanks so much Carlos, 


Here's the 2 backup  info entries I found  


1) well the maxisys does not backup vehicle information since this feature will use too much of its internal storage. what you do is connect your tool to a laptop thru the mini usb cable provided. copy the entire content of the tool to your pc assuming this is your first backup. then as they release new updates just copy the vehicles from the vehicle folders. path = scan/vehicle/ then the specific vehicle region folder/ then the specific vehicle make folder/ vehicle. get familiar doing this procedure as it will need to be done frequently after every update. 


2) How to backup your system for autel maxisys ms908 pro autel maxisys ms908 pro


               The method for  backup your system for               Please  Connect the tablet to a PC desktop or laptop use the black small USB cable provided, open the cover  on the left side of the tablet and plug the cable, plug the other side to the computer USB port. Turn the tablet (ON) Make a folder on the computer name it  (Maxisys main backup)  and drag all the files from the tablet to that folder, probably about 6gb or more I have more then 10GB on mine. When finish just unplugged. Next time just backup the Scan" folder from the Maxisys internal storage to a separate folder in your computer. You can name it Maxisys scan backup.  That way you have the original files on the (Maxisys main backup) folder  and the updates on the (Maxisys scan backup) folder.  You can make as many backups you want and rename it by dates example Maxisys-11-27-2016.




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    Hi Greg,

    I have a question regarding the storage. AS the Autel 906 only has 32gig, I see with updates I am sitting at 29gig. If I add a 32gig sd card?


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