ATS Escope Pro and Limited File Sharing

What is the process of saving and sharing a recording from the Escope Pro and Limited File?

From the “Controls” tab you can select “Save Data A or B” to save the data from the A or B time base to a tab-delimited text file.  This file can later be loaded back to the screen or loaded into Excel.  If you are using the “Deep Record” mode you press the “Save Deep Rec” button on that tab and can load it back by pressing “Load Deep Rec”.  Note that the Deep Record files are saved as a binary file because they are bigger and the binary file is more efficient.  Since they are binary they can’t be loaded into Excel but can be loaded into the ATS software.


Can that file be replayed by others who have ATS software?

Yes!  It can also be loaded on computers that have ATS software running in demo mode.  I.E. Others who don’t own our hardware can still download software and run in demo mode.


Can that replay be manipulated as if it were live?

No, it doesn’t “play” like it were running live but you can do things like zoom and take measurements on the data that was saved.


ATS-Escope Pro


ATS-Escope Limited


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