Autel TPMS

Using the Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 with the any of the MaxiSYS tools will give you Autel's complete TPMS coverage and capabilities.

Other options for Autel's complete TPMS coverage and capabilities are the MaxiSys MS906TS and the MaxiTPMS TS608.

However, Autel's TPMS tools only program blank Autel's MX sensors.

"The Autel TS tools can relearn any information ready sensor like OE, VDO, Oro-Tek, and more. The tool work best with the Autel MXSensor, but you can use VDO from the parts stores if necessary." - Chad

If you need to program sensors other than Autel's MX sensors then you should consider the Bartec 400pro.



Below, are the best tools on the market.

Both need to be updated and include 1-year subscriptions.



Tech400PRO TPMS tool with bluetooth

$2,699.95 MSRP

$1,599.00 Web Site Price = 40.78% Discount from MSRP


Includes 2-year subscription.
Receive one additional year of updates with purchase from AESwave before Dec 31:

Annual subscriptions are currently priced at $314.00

If you have a basic TPMS tool you can trade it in for a 400pro and receive 3 additional years.



AES# ateq-VT56-1001

VT56 TPMS Diagnostic & Reset Kit (without IR printer)

$1,899.99 MSRP

$1,499.00 Web Site Price = 21.10% Discount from MSRP


Annual subscriptions are currently priced at $181.00



TPMS Wizard, per Adam Robertson (to be completed):
1. What vehicles are you working on?
2. If Everything, will you use OE or universal programable aftermarket sensors?
3a. If you only use OE then you dont need a tool that has programming universal sensors.
3b. If you will use universal programable aftermarket sensors, what sensor brand will you use?
4. Which tools will works with these universally programmable sensors?
- Schrader EZ-Sensor
- Alcar by Schrader
- Alligator Sens-it
- Continental Redi Sensor
- John Dow DVT
- Hamaton U-Pro
- T-Pro and EU-Pro
- Huf IntelliSens
- Italmatic Italsensor
- Mobiletron
- Orange Universal and DirectFit
- Qwik Sensor
- Steelman
5. What is your credit card number?



Do the Autel TPMS tools activate and relearn all all TPMS sensors?
Autel says their TPMS tools will read and activate all Factory and most aftermarket TPMS sensors, but as far Universal Programmable sensors they are limited to programing Autel MX sensors. 

Autel TPMS tools can do everything on non-Autel sensors except program other company's blank unprogrammed sensors.

When you buy a Dorman, Schrader, Denso etc from the auto parts store, you have to make sure they are the programmed.

The only blank sensors that an Autel will program are Autel MX sensors.

TPMS Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TS501 TS601 MX-Sensor 1080p:

How to replace TPMS sensor with Autel MaxiTPMS TS601/MX-Sensor/ MaxiTPMS Pad:

More Videos:


I asked several people at Autel which of their TPMS tools work best with the ms908.

The answer is the TS401
When used together the TS401 + ms908  (red checks below) are supposed to give you all the functions of their ts601.


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